Safety, sustainability and recognition of the value of people are an integral part of PH facility’s business policies. The Company bases all its activities on respect for the principles contained in the Code of Ethics, with the belief that the ethics of its business management must be pursued in conjunction with the success of the company.

Social Responsibility Policy

PH facility recognizes Ethics and Social Responsibility as the founding values ​​of its business culture and its daily work. This is accompanied by the Company’s constant commitment to respecting, implementing and promoting the rules of conduct and the requirements for ethical and responsible behaviour, within its own work environment and along the entire chain of supply.

Policy for gender equality

At PH facility we recognize the value of people and their differences through a diversified approach to the management of Human Resources that ensures the same opportunities for professional growth to all the people present in the company. We believe that we must achieve the creation of a more balanced and heterogeneous “leadership” and for this reason the contributions of both genders are equally evaluated.



The SA8000 Ethical Certification is the demonstration of the company commitment to “doing business” in a sustainable and responsible way. PH facility always guarantees full respect for employee rights, while promoting their professional and personal growth, involving suppliers as strategic partners in the implementation of company activities and working for the satisfaction of its customers.


The social balance sheet is the social reporting tool that responds to the need for information and transparency expressed by interested parties in relation to the services resulting from the application of the regulatory standard SA 8000:2014. With its editorial team PH facility aims to make the company’s social responsibility policy known to the various stakeholders, facilitate knowledge and understanding the company’s real commitments and highlight the continuous improvement of corporate social responsibility management.

Gender equality certification UNI/PdR 125

Creating a culture of gender equality in the PH facility is the foundation for ensuring excellent performance based on talent and long-term sustainability. This policy is aimed at all employees of the PH facility and shared with all its key stakeholders, suppliers, and customers with the aim of having a greater impact on its value network and be a point of reference for other business entities.


The rules of ethics and corporate conduct have the objective of indicating some important rules of corporate conduct which the employees of the PH facility must comply with and, to the extent applicable, also its collaborators and suppliers. We have always been aware that the creation and dissemination of corporate values ​​cannot be separated from effective respect for fundamental principles such as professional correctness, personal integrity, effective protection of health and safety in the working environment, as well as transparent competition on the market by all those who operate there.

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