A division tailored for each sector


PH facility offers a unique approach to solutions in the “Global Service” framework: Facility Management in Industry, Healthcare and Large Institutional Bodies. For Facility Management we mean: construction management, sanification and cleaning management, environment, movement and logistics. In this particular sector, PH’s structure successfully manages large complex orders with experience, innovation and great professionalism.

Automation Management

Automation Maintenance is the technological maintenance sector of automated systems, ranging from postal handling and parcels, to large automated storage, pharmaceutical automation, and food processing. The analysis and the engineering of the processes has moved the focus of the company from the machine to the man, transforming it into a “diagnostician” able to detect anomalies in the plant quickly and effectively.

Environment Division

PH Facility offers recovery solutions in the environmental sector, according to the specific needs of the client, ranging from technical and legal advice, to logistics and up to the destination unit, in full accordance with modern European concepts. It works every day for the sustainable development of environmental issues in the field of waste intermediation and trade, at national and international level of MPS derived from the various recovery activities. .


Our experience, technical skills and the continuous training of our professionals allow us to guarantee a comprehensive service offering which is constantly updated with the latest trends in the ICT sector. We support companies in their digital transformation providing personalised solutions. Thanks to our collaboration with top ICT professionals, we are able to offer technical and legal consulting services, software development, implementation of IT security systems and data management.